Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Detailing Products

Whether you have centered your career around the ocean, have a passion for ocean sports, or are simply a hobbyist who enjoys days out on the water, it’s important to understand the dangers facing the waters you love so much. Like many other natural wonders, humans have had a negative impact on the world’s oceans, filling them with debris and pollution without a second thought. 

If we all put the health of the oceans at the forefront of our actions, we might be able to save them from irreversible damage, but we must act fast. When it comes to detailing products, we recommend using ones that are as kind to the waters as the waters are to you; read more to learn about our favorites.

Oceans in Crisis: Realities of Oceanic Pollution

Eight million metric tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean each year. To put that in perspective, that is equivalent to 17.6. billion pounds of plastic, or 57,000 blue whales. The trash in the ocean has formed together to form five giant garbage patches, with the largest being twice the size of Texas. Plastic is especially dangerous because as it breaks down, the microplastic injects harmful chemicals into the sea, contaminating the organisms that call it home.

Pollution from plastic and other debris isn’t the only concern to the ocean, harmful chemicals from water runoff, oil spills, boats, and more, are absorbed by our oceans on a daily basis. These chemicals can harm wildlife, kill coral reefs, and make oceans uninhabitable for marine life. The time to do something is now.

The Responsibility of Boat Detailers

If you work on, in, or around boats, you have a responsibility to take care of our oceans. In reality, all humans should care for our oceans, but as people who have a deep understanding of the mysticism and beauty of these waters, it is up to us to make up for the people who don’t.

It doesn’t have to be a complicated undertaking; pick up the trash you see in the water and use ocean-safe products when you can. We highly recommend supporting #TeamSeas, an organization committed to raising $30M to remove 30M lbs. of plastic and trash from the oceans. By pooling our resources, working together, and listening to those who know best, we can save the oceans before it’s too late.

Our Favorite Detailing Products

Nautical One has a line of products called the Marine Care products, and these are all considered to be harbor safe. With these, you can sleep easy knowing that you’re taking small steps to reduce the negative impact humans have on the world’s oceans. Here are a few of our favorites:

This high-tech polymer boat sealant is great for all the non-skid surfaces on your boat. It creates a seal that keeps out salt, fish blood, dirt, grime, and more, ensuring your clean-up process is a breeze!

As a 2-in-1 cleaner and protectant, the Nautical One Marine Care Ceramic Wash & Wax is designed to safely remove grime while giving your vessel that extra shine. It even provides protection from the damaging effects of the sun!

Get rid of dirt and grime throughout your entire boat with this harbor-safe cleaner. If soap and water won’t cut it, this stuff will!

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t take much to give back to the ocean; it has given us so much. Anyone who works in or around boats has a deep love for the deep seas, and we could probably do a better job of showing it. From here on out, commit to doing your part so the ocean is as beautiful for future generations as it has been for us. Swap out harsh chemicals for ocean-safe products, clean up the trash you find, and support organizations that are working on larger scales than a single boat can. 


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