Starke Yacht Care Level-R or Restructure?

When it comes to boat detailing, the number of products available can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to know when to use what, as well as to understand the advantages and disadvantages of every product. When it comes to heavy cut compounds, Level-R and Restructure are two great products from Starke. 

We conducted a test to see which of the two products works the best, and we discovered that it’s less about which product works best and more about determining which product works best for certain circumstances. Restructure and Level-R are both compounds you should have on hand; many people rush to buy Level-R and forget about Restructure, but in our experience, they’re both of value for different reasons.

What are Heavy Cut Compounds?

Boats go through a lot of weathering when they’re used; they may be exposed to salt, dirt, pollution in the water, and even sun damage. All of these things are hard on the surface of the boat, taking away the shine and even producing deep scratches. Heavy cut compounds are great for removing those scratches and bringing a shiny finish back to a boat, so it looks its best out on the water. Removing oxidation and other forms of damage with a heavy cut compound will keep your boat in the best shape possible, making it last through the years.

What is Level-R?

Level-R can be considered a “heavy duty” heavy cut compound. It is great for removing deep marks and scratches from sand, salt, and other debris. This is often the go-to product for many marine detailers because they know they can count on it to get the job done.

When it Should be Used

Great for situations in which a lot of damage has been done to the gel coating of a boat, Level-R will remove scratches with no problem. It’s also great to use after wet sanding to even out any of the scratches left over from the sander.

Pros of Level-R

Level-R is dependable and boat owners know it will get the job done. It doesn’t require too much “elbow grease” because it cuts really beautifully with slow and steady pressure from the machine.

Cons of Level-R

Level-R is a hard product to work with in the hot sun because it dries up quickly. Since most marine detailers work outside, this product can be tricky to optimize. Keeping the surface wet with a spray bottle will help the product last a bit longer, but it doesn’t go as far as its counterpart, Restructure.

What is Restructure?

Another heavy cut compound from Starke, Restructure is a bit lighter than Level-R but surprisingly effective at removing oxidation and scratches. When we used this product on a test panel, it was able to provide a much smoother finish than expected, though still not quite as smooth as Level-R.

When it Should be Used

If the damage is moderate, Restructure is a great heavy cut compound. It’s a bit more wet than Level-R, so it does well in hot environments and the product goes further. Since the product doesn’t dry out as fast, it’s easier to get more working time with it, leading to better results than anticipated.

Pros of Restructure

The product will go a long way and give users more bang for their buck, while also being incredibly effective at removing moderate scratches and damage marks.

Cons of Restructure

It doesn’t have the same cutting power as Level-R, so for deep scratches or intense damage, Restructure may not be able to deliver pristine results.

Comparing Results

As we said, you should have both Level-R and Restructure on hand if possible. However, if a store is out of Level-R, subbing in some Restructure isn’t a bad idea. Since Restructure stays wetter longer, the product gives you more working time to get out the scratches in a gel coat. Both have a time and a place which is why it’s best to have both products at your disposal.

 Watch the step-by-step process below!
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