What is Starke Yacht Care Ignition Finishing Polish?

The polishing step is the last component of many boat detailing jobs and it acts as the perfect finish to a job – no pun intended. After removing oxidation and getting out scratches, finishing polish helps take the boat to the next level by getting rid of swirls or small imperfections left over by the previous steps. To properly complete this last step, it’s important that you’re using the best polishes, and we have come to learn that Starke Yacht Care Ignition Finishing Polish is the best on the market.

What are Finishing Polishes?

Finishing polishes used in the polishing step are not meant to cut very much, so they usually have a low grade of cut. Their purpose is to polish and bring out the shine, so they offset of low grade of cut with a high amount of polish. These polishes can remove light oxidation, leftover swirls, and some minor imperfections, but are usually meant to be used after the other detailing steps are complete.

Why Use a Finishing Polish?

Polishes used at different steps in a detailing job will have different amounts of “cut,” meaning they are good to use for getting a certain level of imperfections out. For more intense imperfections, you’ll need a higher cut polish, and for smaller or less-deep imperfections, you won’t need as much cut. Finishing polishes, used as a last step, do not have very strong cutting power and are more for creating the smooth shine that every boat owner is looking for. 

What Makes Starke Yacht Care Ignition Stand Out?

Ignition combines a light compound and a finishing polish together, so it’s more like a 2-in-1 polish. Its advanced synthetic abrasive technology allows you to remove imperfections and polish at the same time. You’ll get that swirl-free finish nearly every time, and maybe with a step or two less than you would with a different finishing polish. Additionally, Ignition can be used with a variety of foam pads or finishing pads, not just one specific type.

How to Apply Starke Yacht Care Ignition

Applying Ignition will be much like the Triple P application process, you can use a polishing pad to slowly work in the polish to the vessel. Once you are satisfied with the shine and all the imperfections are gone, you can wipe away any remaining ignition residue from the boat, and it’ll be ready to glimmer as you or your customer catches the big one! Ignition is a little different since it can be used with a range of pads, offering a bit more flexibility to the job.

Save Time, Buy the Best

Every boat owner, and boat detailer for that matter, wants to trade in time in the shop for time on the water, and it’s products like Starke Yacht Care Ignition that make that a reality. This product is the best of its kind, can save you time because it is such high quality, and will leave behind the best shine. Our team has used so many products in this industry, and we’ve tested Ignition next to some of its competitors, and Ignition blows every single one out of the water.

Learn how I apply Ignition in my video below!



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