What is Starke Yacht Care Venom Water Spot Remover?

There is one thing that’ll make any boat fanatic crazy, no matter how long they’ve enjoyed owning their aquatic vehicle: water spots! 

After enough time floating across your favorite lakes, wharfs, and beaches, you’ll eventually come across this ever-common annoyance. Though water spots might seem like a simple problem, they can greatly diminish the appearance of your boat’s surface, making it appear unpolished and ruining its aesthetics. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to solve this issue and restore your paint to its natural, gorgeous state. Of these, water spot removers remain a popular solution across the world, as they are crafted to easily fit in with the rest of your detailing process. 

In this article, we’ll look at Starke Yacht Care’s Venom Water Spot Remover to highlight some of its best features, and prove why it belongs in your detailing arsenal. 

What is Starke Yacht Care Venom Water Spot Remover?  

Designed for the modern detailer, this product is an innovative water spot remover compatible with multiple surfaces, including paint, gel coat, glass, metal, and those that have been ceramic coated. 

No matter how stubborn your water spots are, the solution promises to wipe away any trouble stains diminishing your boat’s shine — all without ruining your initial coating. 

When Should I Use Venom? 

You’ll get the most use out of your supply by applying Venom before your light polishing or buffing jobs. When used as a pre-wipe, the formula will grant you a squeaky-clean substrate, drastically cutting down your overall polishing time. Of course, don’t forget that your surface should be completely dry before application! 

How Do I Apply Venom?  

Now comes the fun part: putting your water spot remover to use! Fortunately, Starke Yacht Care has made this step incredibly easy. Here’s how to do it: 

  1. First, consider wearing gloves, as the Venom formula is acidic. Then, grab a microfiber pad from your supply stash and place a few drops of Venom onto it. 
  2. Next, begin applying it to your boat’s surface with firm, even strokes (divide the surface into manageable sections). Allow the formula to sit for 30-60 seconds. 
  3. Once time’s up, remove any excess using a microfiber towel and move on to the next section! 

As a side note, be wary of using Venom when your boat’s surface is warm, as the formula may dry too quickly for you to wipe away the excess in time.   

Final Thoughts 

Ultimately, no detailing process is complete without the inclusion of a water spot remover. Without one at your side, you’ll encounter regular stains that ruin the aesthetics you worked so hard to achieve! 

So, whether you plan to use it on a gel coat, chrome, plastic, metal, or paint surface (or all of them!), Starke Yacht Care’s Venom Water Spot Remover belongs in your toolshed.

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