7 FAQs About Ceramic Coatings

Though it’s one of the most effective detailing tools in any boat owner’s shed, ceramic coating protection isn’t always easy to understand — especially if you’re a newcomer to these kinds of products. Fortunately, we have all the answers to your burning questions.  

1. What Are the Advantages of a Coating vs. a Polymer? 

Essentially, it all comes down to science. 

A polymer coating is usually water-based, which means its molecules aren’t “tight” enough to fill the pores of your boat’s gel coat. As a result, its longevity is greatly impacted since the formula simply sits on the surface. 

In comparison, ceramic coating penetrates and hardens within the pores, making it much harder for it to be removed. 

2. How Much Coating Do I Need for a Boat? 

The answer to this question mostly depends on how large your surface area is, though one coating kit can usually cover up to 700sqft. (Keep in mind, the bottom of your boat will likely need the same amount of liquid.) 

3. How Long Does Coating Actually Last? 

Generally, you can expect your ceramic coating protection to last between 12 to 18 months, though that number largely depends on how dedicated you are to maintenance. Without proper care, you can expect most of your detailing efforts to survive only a short time, while thorough upkeep will help increase their lifespan. 

4. How Long Do I Leave My Coating On? 

As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to leave your ceramic coating on for as long as possible before it becomes too difficult to remove — generally, no more than two minutes. 

This answer can also depend on the type of coating you’re using. For instance, Liquid Thor has a longer working time than Repel Pro, which means you’ll have an extra minute or two to apply the formula before it must be wiped off. So, research the brand you’re picking up prior to application. 

5. How Hard is it to Mess Up and Have to Start Over?  

Fortunately, messing up during the detailing process isn’t the end of the world, but it is quite time-consuming. For example, if you don’t remove your ceramic coating protection in time, you will need to restart the steps and re-prep. So, be sure to watch as many instructional videos as you can beforehand to avoid mistakes. 

6. What Process Do You Have to Do to Re-apply Ceramic Once it Begins to Lose Its Properties? 

This depends on how soon you realize your coating is wearing off (which shouldn’t be too long if you’re performing proper maintenance). If you catch it early, a simple light polish and re-coat is probably all you need, whereas deeper wear will first require compounding to remove dirt and oxidation. 

7. Ease of Application on a Scale from 1-10? 

Those using Liquid Thor’s advanced carrying agent can expect its ease of use to sit around a 3, whereas Repel Pro’s fast-flashing properties place it at a 6. 

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, with these questions answered, you can join the thousands of boat owners benefiting from ceramic coating and rounding out their detailing process. 


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