How to Ceramic Coat A Boat

It’s finally time to take the next step in your detailing journey: ceramic coating. 

Though performed by thousands of boat enthusiasts worldwide, this process requires a bit of preparation before you begin your efforts. So, here’s everything you need to know to get started. 

What You’ll Need   

First, you’ll need to stock up on the following products: 

Step 1: Prep the Boat with Prep Polish 

As with almost any detailing job, you’ll need to prepare your boat’s surface prior to applying ceramic coating protection. If there’s already any grease, oil, or other muck sticking to the paint, it’ll need to be removed with a prep polish to grant you the best starting base possible — or else you risk allowing those spots to interrupt the following steps. 

Step 2: Soak up Your Autofiber Pad with Repel Pro Ceramic Coating 

You’ll need to saturate (or “prime”) a new applicator pad prior to use, as it’ll come out of the package dry — something you don’t want to put near your boat’s precious paint. 

Fortunately, bringing it to optimum dampness is simple. Using your Repel Pro bottle, place a generous number of droplets across the pad’s surface to soak it through (you can also fold it in half afterward to even out the coverage). Once there are no dry spots remaining, it’s ready for use! 

Step 3: Apply Coating and Let it Sit 

If Using Repel Pro:  

Placing the applicator flat against your boat’s surface, cover the area in a horizontal pattern motion, allowing for some overlap to ensure no sections are missed. Let sit for around two minutes. 

If Using Liquid Thor: 

Follow the same steps as you would with Repel Pro (i.e., soak the pad and apply evenly). Liquid Thor will “rainbow” more than its counterpart and goes on smoothly, as well as allows for a longer working time. Let sit for around two minutes. 

Keep in mind that any vinyl you wish to put on your boat will need to be placed prior to the ceramic coating, or else it will no longer stick. 

Step 4: Remove Using the Two Towel Method 

Using the fluffy side of your first microfiber towel, remove the coating the same way you applied it: with consistent, firm strokes. Depending on which formula you used, the coating should come off smoothly — though it may be slightly tacky in some areas. (Don’t wait so long that it becomes stuck!) 

After wiping a section using the first towel, follow with the second towel (flipped to the tight, knitted side) to remove any leftover coating. 

Step 5: You’re All Done! 

Congratulations: your ceramic coating detailing process is all done! Now, you can enjoy a renewed, gorgeous boat thanks to the wonders of ceramic coating protection. 


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