Boat Detailing and Maintenance Tips – Summer 2022 Edition

For most boat owners, their boat is one of their most prized possessions, and it’s no secret that boats aren’t a cheap investment. If you love something, spent a fair amount of money on it, and want it to last, it’s important to invest in the maintenance of that item. By taking a few simple steps throughout your boat’s life, you can get more time with it, make more memories, and spend less time dealing with issues. We’ll dive into everything you need to know about keeping your boat in the best condition possible.

Clean and Detail Your Boat’s Exterior

We all love when our boat has that extra shine factor but keeping the exterior clean is about much more than a subtle sparkle. By ensuring your boat is cleaned well during boating season and in the off-season, you can protect your boat from harmful debris or scratches. Even something as simple as leftover salt from saltwater can cause scratches, slowly causing your boat’s finish to deteriorate. 

Boat soap, microfiber cloths, and some fresh water every few weeks can go a long way in keeping your entire boat clean.

You should also invest in a basic detailing service every 6-12 months to ensure long-term protection and reduce grime. Find a detailer you trust or invest in the right detailing tools and do it yourself! The detailing process really isn't that overwhelming once you have the basics down. 

To help get you started, here are ten products we recommend for every beginner boat detailing kit.

If you’re still not convinced, remember that a dirty hull can increase fuel costs by as much as 30%, so there are true financial savings to be found in regular maintenance! Be sure to rinse with clean water and dry your boat every time you pull it out of the water. Wiping down vinyl seats, spot cleaning fabrics, and regularly waxing and polishing your boat will  prevent stubborn stains from damaging the gel coat.

Check Your Engine

Don’t let the idea of “engine maintenance” sound too overwhelming; there are many simple maintenance activities that any person can do. Before every trip, double-check that the fuel tank is filled with fuel and that its vent is open, ensure that your engine screw clamps are still tight, and check your propeller for any debris.

After you pull your boat out of the water, flush the motor to get out any unwanted materials like sand. This can easily be done with a motor flushing attachment and a garden hose, so you don’t need anything fancy.

Overall, just keep an eye out for anything that is out of the ordinary. Be sure to replace your spark plugs as needed, check your engine’s oil level, watch for cracks in the fuel lines, keep an eye out for rust, and replace parts as needed. When in doubt, take your boat to a mechanic.

Protect Your Boat with Proper Storage

As sad as it is to put your boat away after each season on the water, storing it properly plays a huge role in the overall health of the boat. Whether you store your boat indoors or outdoors, take the necessary steps to keep snow, rain, ice, and other debris from getting into or on your boat. It’s best to cover your boat if possible while still ensuring it has airflow to avoid getting mildew while it’s not in use. While it might take a bit more time to store a boat properly, it will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Taking Care of Your Boat Slows Down Time

Everyone loves making summer memories out on the water, but it always seems like time goes too fast. In order to slow down summer for your loved ones, invest the time in caring for your boat so it lasts longer, requires less maintenance time when it should be on the water, and allows you to be carefree while you’re enjoying your days in the sun.

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