No More Streaks: How Starke Restructure Heavy Cut Compound Can Restore a Boat's Shine

Anyone who owns a boat or a yacht can attest to the annual struggle of keeping it in condition. The same goes for regular maintenance, which is equally important. In order to retain that first-day shine, you need to be on top of your cleaning and detailing schedule. While there is a wide variety of detailing products that have come up in recent years, Starke Yacht Care's Restructure Heavy Cut Compound is a popular choice amongst DIY enthusiasts as well as professionals. In today's blog, we will check out what makes this product so popular among the boating community, and why it is preferred over other similar products.

What is Starke Restructure?

Starke Restructure Heavy Cut Compound is a compounding agent that is used for cutting heavy oxidation, deep scratches, and removing swirl marks. Its DIY-friendly formula makes it a popular choice for both the professional detailer and the weekend warrior. The compounding agent in this product has been designed to cut 1000-1200 grid sand scratches easily, so you won’t need to press the buffer tightly against the surface to amplify its cutting ability. All in all, it lays a solid foundation for you to detail your dull boat. With Starke Restructure Heavy Cut Compound, one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that it is not a finishing compound; it is designed for heavy cut and removal of oxidation.

Why Starke Restructure Works?

On the surface, the Starke Restructure heavy cut compound looks quite similar to other cutting compounds. What makes this compounding product so different is its diminishing abrasives. Unlike other compounds, it does not diminish as quickly due to its heavy-duty formula. The diminishing abrasives allow you to remove scratches from oxidization without having to worry about removing too much gel coat. This means that even after compounding your boat, you will be able to see the gloss of your gel coat rather than having it dulled by heavy-duty abrasives.

Upon applying, the cutting compound slowly disintegrates into precise diminishing abrasives that work as a polishing compound against swirls. The lack of aggressive abrasives also makes polishing less tiring, which ultimately helps cut down the time required for detailing the entire boat. Another advantage of using Starke Restructure Heavy Cut Compound is that it doesn’t gum up buff pads thereby increasing their lifespan as well as making them easier to wash off after use.

How to Apply the Product?

Applying Restructure shouldn't be too difficult for the DIYer or professional detailer. However, before applying the compound make sure that the gel coat is chalky or has a matte finish. This is because the heavy cut compound is only designed to penetrate through tough spots, applying it on anything less murky would damage the gel coat.

To apply, you will need a variable speed buffer and preferably a wool buffing pad. The wool buffing pad is ideal for applying cutting compounds especially those that have a “diminishing effect”. Divide the boat into smaller sections and begin the buffing process. Use only a small amount on either side of the pad. Move onto another area as soon as the matte layer has been removed. The formation of compound dust is also a good indicator that the compound has done its job, after which you will need to wash your boat and polish it. 

Final Thoughts:

All in all, the Stark Yacht Restructure heavy cut compound is great at what it is designed to do. It has all the essential properties of a good compound plus some additional ones that really allow it to stand out from other products. The heavy-duty compound leaves as much dust as any other compound, but its ability to restore mirror-like shine thanks to the diminishing abrasives makes up for its dusty mess. Despite all of its magic, the Starke heavy cut compound is available at a highly affordable starting price of just $45.

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